Brother my Brother

Today’s blog is very different from any of those written before. This is an insight into my life, into my thought process, into my experiences, into those things that made me who I am. I started this blog to teach people about healthcare, but there is so many more things that people can learn from my experiences. I dictate today’s blog on my way to the cemetery. It’s a little bit more emotional than anything that I would typically write.
Life is precious. My brother is a fucking idiot, in 2008 he overdosed. He never really saw anything outside of Joliet Illinois. I want to live until I die. There is too much to see and too much to live for in this life. After eight years, I still think of everything that he missed out on. He missed out on having a family. My family is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I would be my fathers son, I would be content to stay at home and work hard and live my life in that fashion. My wife loves to travel and loves try new things. If it wasn’t for her I would’ve never traveled to Europe, I may have never made to Alaska. If it wasn’t for my daughter, I wouldn’t slow down and slide down the big slide. I probably wouldn’t go to another waterpark, I probably wouldn’t climb in the tunnels at Odyssey fun world. My brother missed out on a lot, when I go visit cemetery it just my heart.. Life is precious. For those going through difficult times, Know that life is precious. There are people that love you and people that will miss you if you’re gone. I miss my brother frequently. Life goes on, and life will go on without you. I hate to say that because it sounds harsh but it will. I am happy, and unfortunately he’s not here to see that.

At what age does dreams die? I don’t know that answer. At what age do we throw in the towel? At what age do we give up? I don’t know what was going through my brothers head those last days And it kills me eight years later.
In memory of Michael Anderson. I miss you brother

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