Some of us really want to do good things for our community.

What is better than spreading joy?

The first time Inout on the nose I had thoughts of Patch Adams. It brought a smile immediately.

Why not spread that feeling?

The best part was that the proceeds went to help childhood poverty.


Thanks to Rosattis , First Presbyterian Church of Joliet, Joliet Area Historical Museum, Spanish Community Center, Alzadas for taking the time for a photo.


Giving back

We all have our own way of giving back. This event was hosted by Joliet Central and is a memorial to one of the former teachers, Dave Christiansen, killed by a drunk driver.

Jennifer Christiansen, Dave’s wife, andGardner Coughlin are both teachers at Joliet Central and reach out to lifters in the community to see if they can lend a hand.

It was an honor to load bars and spot these kids because I stood side by side with my mentors in powerlifting from years gone by.

Enjoy the photos and videos.

Dr. Vince Gutierrez, PT