Thanks for taking the time away from your day to learn a little about healthcare and physical therapy.

With the rise of social media, there are people that prey on others with #fakenews, fear based tactics to take people’s money and the overall spreading of misinformation.

This page will have citations based on where I get my information from, which will come from published research and other professional publications.  Every once in a while you may see videos of me going on rants because the spoken word can have more impact than that which is written.

If you are looking for information regarding your health, your wallet, and your body then this is the site for you!

I was raised in a neighborhood with many people in gangs, doing drugs or breaking laws.  My brother died of a drug overdose and out of 7 kids, I am the only one to graduate from high school.  This is not to brag, but I went on to get a doctorate degree in Physical Therapy.  My parents divorced when I was a kid and my mom essentially walked out of my life.  Sometimes life is not fair and other times we all feel hurt and misled.  Since my childhood I have had a personal mission to help those that are hurting and try my best to protect others from being misled.

You can count on my words and action to be true, because disappointing those close to me is not an option.  My peers have ranked me among the top 40 influential people in the profession of physical therapy, which is an honor in and of itself.  I have not sought accolades throughout my career, but coming from a blue collar family I simply put my head down and work.  This work has gained me a following in this profession and again I am humbled by this.

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Finally, if you would like to schedule an appointment, I can be found at the Ingall’s Outpatient Center in Tinley Park, IL. https://www.uchicagomedicine.org/conditions-services/therapy-services

Dr. Vince Gutierrez, PT (aka movement thinker)

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