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“When an organization or an individual experiences success in any manner, it may be difficult to alter the path we have been following.”

I could see this being true, but only for people who have that one success as the end goal. Some people aspire for more, some people aspire for better.

“Successful leadership is not just about the leader; it is about the team. Leaders must constantly find new solutions to the problems.”

This sounds like a quote from Phil Jackson. The team is the number one priority and the star athlete has to figure out how to fit into the team. The leader’s job is to ensure that the team can play together, and play at a high-level together. In order for leaders to constantly find new solutions to the problems, the leaders have to have an open point of view in order to see the problems. I have seen many who simply stick their head in the sand and ignore that the problem exists. In order to fix problems though, things will have to change. It’s obvious that should there be no change there will be no solution to the problem. This change will cause stress to the dynamics of the team, and the team must be able to handle that stress effectively and efficiently in order to maintain that high level of productivity.

“But leaders should not be afraid to erase the chalkboard sometimes and start from scratch”

Every system has flaws. Every system can be improved. Sometimes the flaws in the system are fatal. When this occurs the entire system needs to be scratched. I don’t know if a leader though can see this. These types of issues need the 20,000 foot view in order to see the big picture. When one is so close to the problem that they are in the problem, I do not believe that that person can actually see the problem.

Excerpts taken from:

Gregersen H. Leadership: When was the last time you asked, “Why are we doing it this way?”. IMPACT. June 2016:57.

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