Our we worth it?

“First, we must actually prove the value of our services, ourselves, and our profession. And we must do so objectively – with outcomes data. ”
I agree to a certain extent, that we need to prove our value with outcome data. Patients, so need to be educated on what this data actually means. We are slowly transitioning to a point in which patients are paying for a majority of their healthcare when compared to insurance companies. Co-pays are rising. Outcome data needs to be measured, but explained to patients in a way in which it makes sense. We do need to prove our value, but proving our value to patients will be completely different than proving our value to insurance companies.
“That that that tracking patient outcomes… The demand for this type of data collection has amplified in the last few months…”
The demand for this type of data is increasing from insurance companies. Do you think insurance companies are demanding this data in order to increase our pay? I highly doubt it. They’re demanding the data to determine whether or not therapy in actually valuable. I, as the therapist, sometimes question the value of physical therapy. Not all therapists practice alike, so is there one best practice? As a profession, we have clinical practice guidelines. Not all therapists are utilizing clinical practice guidelines. Can we weed out those therapists that are not using the guidelines, or can we coach up these therapist to ensure that they are practicing in a way that is supported by the evidence.
“… The federal government is not wasting any time and it’s quest to reduce healthcare spending that ”
We all know that our country is broke! if we ran our household in the same manner that our government runs the country, we would all be filing for bankruptcy. The government is trying to find ways to reduce costs. Healthcare appears to be one way in which to reduce costs. I am not saying I totally disagree, because as a country we spend a great deal of money on healthcare, but do not get the results commensurate with the spending. We have to find a way in which to incentivize good care to ensure that patients are no longer getting sick at the same rate they’re getting sick currently.
“So, in all likelihood, most – if not all – payments will be linked to value within the next few years quote
This same line has been stated year-to-year for at least the last six years. At some point I am waiting for the boy to stop crying wolf. I welcome the day when pay-for-performance actually takes place. Therapy consists more than simply ultrasound,hot pack, electrical stimulation, and massage. The best evidence we have is regarding exercise. It’s sad because not all therapist coming out of schools are proficient at analyzing, providing, and creating exercises in order to address the limitations seen during the initial valuation. I spend a great deal of time with the students that I have teaching them how to create and how to analyze movement patterns. They do not learn this very well in school.
“… There is a big difference between merely recording numbers and generating meaningful, actionable insights, because when you do the latter, you can achieve three really important things: ”
As a profession, we need to start by “merely recording numbers”. I started as a therapist in 2007, and during those first few years recording numbers was not happening. We have come a long way in utilizing functional outcome measures, but this is because insurance companies have forced our hand in order for us to receive payment. I do not believe that our profession would have policed itself into using outcome measures.
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