Visibility could equal business


Visibility could equal business


How are you going about promoting your business? Many people know the basics of social media, but how many people are actually being social. You are the face…be the face.


  1. “Cross-promote with the cool brands”


This seems like a simple concept, but honestly I wouldn’t have thought of it. In the article, the author notes that a PT can partner with a local shoe company in order to promote running mechanics breakdown and the shoe company can provide fliers to the PT company in order to sell more shoes. Although I can see how some larger companies would have to go through committees in order to get the fliers into the company, I don’t see why the smaller shoe selling company wouldn’t want a PT from a larger company coming in to “assist” the shoe clientele by providing a service to their clients.


Think of what we do. We specialize in human movement. How can we sell this to other companies as a service? When we call a handyman over for a free call, what does he/she do? Typically finds something wrong with our stuff and then charges us to fix it. If we did a seminar at a local gym regarding knee pain, we could then get people to come to us to fix their squat. I only know this because I have done it.


  1. “Cosponsor community events”


This is a big one because you have to get your face out in the community that you are involved. For example, I can remember H&R Pump, Kodo pharmacy, Belmont AC, Ingalls Park AC (these were all sponsors of baseball teams where I grew up). Sponsor a team, go teach throwing mechanics to the teams, stat a fund raiser for someone in the community. Make yourself the go-to person for that community. Make is so hard for another competitor to come into your turf that the person is looked at like the new kid in 6th grade (I was that kid and it took me awhile to make friends because I wasn’t in the “in” crowd to start with).


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Quatre T. Why They Buy: Because Your Friends Are Cool. IMPACT. April 2016: 11.

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