Selling is a part of healthcare


Predator or prey?


We are being sold to every day. Credit card adverts in the mail. Spam email. Donations requests that tear at our heart strings. Drug companies listing off symptoms until you notice that they are talking about you. We are always being asked to open our wallets. My turn to ask.


  1. “Awareness: Before all else, the target of your sales efforts must know you exist.”


We are all in sales. If you don’t think that you are in sales, you are an employee, not an owner. Please see my previous post about taking ownership. Once you realize that you are selling, you have to understand what you are selling. When you understand what you are selling, then you must figure out who would buy/use/partake in your product or wares. Regarding PT, I am always selling myself. I used to think that if I was good enough, that people would find me. Boy was I full of shit! Word of mouth is great, but my words are my best marketing tool. If you hear me speak…hear my passion…hear my attitude towards mechanical pain…you would want me to treat you. I have to go out and take your ear, otherwise I am not selling…just hoping.


  1. “Engagement: Once they are aware, you must engage their interest or be forgotten.”


I met many people throughout my career that didn’t know that I was a therapist…and still don’t. Previously, I did a poor job of awareness, but now I engage…and do I! If you see me on the street, walk away! I will talk your ear off about your pain or symptoms. I will go so far as to offer to treat you for free sometimes just because I get a thrill from solving the puzzle that is your pain. Many people have come to my home to be treated…none paid of course, as that would be unethical/illegal in the state of Illinois. The home of the unbalanced budget, high taxes, inept politicians, Governors that call prison home…but I can’t charge for my services without a referral from a physician. Huff…Huff…Huff. I digress.


  1. “Education: Once they are engage, you have the opportunity to share your value through education”


Look, I don’t have cable. I don’t have Dish, Comcast, U-verse. I admit it…I don’t have t.v. I do have Netflix and Hulu and Youtube. I love that I can watch what I want, when I want. It just so happens that I have an addition to crab fishing, weightlifting /crossfit and documentaries. I can’t watch these in marathon format on t.v. What I am saying is that I have money that I spend wisely, only on things that will benefit my life. Once I have your ear, I will educate you to the point that you will understand how I could benefit your life. Even if I can’t solve your puzzle…I will at least educate you to such an extent that you will understand why I can’t fix you (or help you fix yourself) and I will refer you to the best person that I think will be able to give you a better opinion or fix.


  1. Conversion: Once they are educated, you can comfortably make “the ask”, converting the sale”


I don’t like this saying as much. By the time I get to step 4, I shouldn’t have to make the ask. I picture the guy at the baseball game…you’ve seen him. HOT DOG…GET YOUR HOT DOG HERE! I only have to let you know that I have a hot dog…and you should want it. (Pun intended). By the time I get to this step, you should be seeking me out, I shouldn’t have to seek you out. If you don’t seek me out, then I feel that I have failed at steps one through three.


  1. “Amplification: Once you have made the sale, you can now amplify sales through new relationships.”


I will be a blood sucker. I will hound you to tell the whole world. I take that back…profess to the entire world how great I am! Just joking. I will ask though that if you know someone that could benefit from my services that you simply give them my number.


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