Reflections on “The Alchemist” Part V

“Most people see the world as a threatening place, and, because they do, the world turns out, indeed, to be a threatening place.”

This is very applicable, especially in the healthcare profession.

Patient’s expectations and beliefs seem to be a major driver regarding outcomes.

Bad things always happen. If you believe that bad things will always happen, instead of good things, then when bad things happen reinforces your bias.

If one believes that good things will always happen, when bad things happen it’s a deviation from the norm. It’s only a blip in the radar. It is not life consuming.

Changing outlook is not easy. In physical therapy, we are consistently striving to change a patient’s belief system in order to create an actionable change in their health.

I believe that this outlook on life is a learning year. I continue to harp on my parenting, but my father is amazing. He has lived through a bunch of shit, and yet he still has a positive outlook.

When I say he is my superman, and that I have large shoes to fill, I mean it. My father has lived in Vietnam as a medic. He lived with divorce and was left to raise five kids by himself. Yet he still has a positive view on everything.

At that point, who am I to have a negative view, when I have seen this man go through hell and still pull through?

Another thing that I believe needs to happen in order to change outlook is perspective. Had I had grown up in a perfect household, Leave it to Beaver style, my perspective maybe different room getting out into the real world.

I’ve known many younger than I am up in the bubbling, and when entering the real world were slapped in the face. Their perspective change their view to a negative outlook and a woe is me perspective.

I spent this weekend in Atlanta visiting some friends. Part of my time was having a conversation with a homeless person in Atlanta. When you see how the other side lives, whether high on the hog or down in the streets, it gives you perspective and it either makes you feel grateful or resentful.

I am glad that I am extremely grateful.

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