Reflections on “The Alchemist” Part VI

“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second encounter with God and with eternity.”

This rings true in my life. I thank my wife for supporting me in my decision to do more as a PT.

I had fear of jumping out of the position I had and jumping into a new position in a different city with a new company.

We played out worst case scenarios and you know what?…

Worst case scenario played out.

The clinic loses due to issues outside of my control and I was without a job.

The work that I put into trying to make the first clinic a success is what landed me the second job. The second job came with a substantial raise, but no time off of work. Those that know me, also know that this is not an issue. I enjoy my profession so much that I give back to the profession free of charge most nights. Working more hours is not an issue, at this point in time.

When I speak to students or those looking for their life’s meaning, I typically spend some time playing Devil’s advocate. I will use my best logic and knowledge to dissuade someone from following their dream. If I can convince someone that they should not do something within a 30 minute conversation, the reason FOR doing that something was not very strong.

Usually, the argument that dissuades people FROM making a decision is MONEY! I’ve found that when money is the driver, it’s easy to help that person discover what they really want.

1. Why does salary matter?

Because I want to make enough to support myself

2. What experience have you had that led you to believe that life is harder without money?

Xyz from childhood

3. Could you live on $60K/year?

Usually the answer is yes.

4. How many professions pay at least $30/hr?

They do a little research and then things start to open up a little more regarding what they would like to do or other options.

When money is the driver, it clouds our judgement.

If you believe that money buys happiness, I’m sure you’ve made decisions based on finances.

Sometimes it’s as simple as living on a few dollars less than you make. That becomes a lot easier to manage.

I’m reminded of stories from the Dave Ramsey Millionaire hour. Many people making less than $75k per year go on to have millions because they followed that one simple concept: spend a little less than you make.

Follow your passion! Follow your purpose!

Money is easy to get, but happiness and satisfaction in life…not so much. Too many other aspects cloud our judgement.

Love your life or change it!

No regrets!

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