Vitamin B12 and Thiamine levels

For those that know me, I’ve always been a gym junkie.

I exercise because it’s part of life. The same thing holds true for me with supplementation.

I’ve been taking supplements since graduating high school. I took multi-vitamins, individual vitamins, B vitamins and so many others.

All I ever got for it was neon green pee. Those that lived this lifestyle know about the neon green pee.

Once I turned 40, I started paying more attention to my blood levels.

I recently tried a new supplement Liquid IV and my blood levels started to show the change. I tried taking a multi-vitamin and one extra B pill. I tried to add a Vitamin B pill and there was no changes in my energy levels or blood work.

Once I started Liquid IV, the ones without caffeine in order to minimize the variables of the experiment, my energy levels went up and this was validated with improved bloodwork.

Thiamine levels

B-12 levels

This is the product

If you’re interested in the results that I got, click the link below.

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