Reflections from “The Alchemist” Part III

“… for her, every day was the same, and when each day is the same as the next, it’s because people fail to recognize the good things that happen in their lives every day that the sun rises.”

This is so true. There are few regrets that I have in life. One regret that I have is how I responded when my daughter Natalia was born. It was a very stressful situation for us at the time.

She was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. We had no forewarnings or time to prepare.

To make matters worse, my wife was alone when she received the news. This is a major failure of that particular healthcare provider.

I was home with my two year old at the time, so that she could sleep in her own bed for a couple of hours and I could take a shower.

When I got the call from my wife, she didn’t say what was happening, only that there was a problem. (Every time I tell this part of the story, I can’t help but get choked up and tear up).

I grabbed my daughter and ran down the stairs to leave. In the process, I tore my Achilles’ tendon.

I spent the first two weeks learning everything that I could about Down Syndrome. In the meantime, I was missing out on the first weeks of my daughter’s life.

There is not much that I feel guilty about, but this is one of those times.

Be grateful for the blessings in life. There will always be things to complain about. There will always be hardships. Once you can look past the hardships to see the blessings, life is much easier to navigate.

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