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If you’ve never heard the saying that one works for decades in order to become an overnight success, then you’ve heard it here first.

I’ve been in PT for 10 years and am now getting mentioned in conversations with people that I’ve looked up to for years. At one point, someone was shocked that another student didn’t know who I was. I find it comical.

As the son of a laborer, especially one that worked in the sewer systems, I have always had a strong work ethic. For 10 years I’ve kept my head down, avoided causing any waves and just worked. I worked through a divorce. I worked through a fainting episode. I worked through a cardiac issue. I worked. It’s what I’ve always known. I guess I’m just too dense to know any different.

One thing that I am realizing after all these years is that I gained a lot of knowledge by working with patients, working in study groups and working at night by reading journals. I worked hard and now I’m starting to speak out more from behind the computer.

I have a lot of passions for this profession, but this profession is just that…a profession. At some point I will leave it and move on, but while I’m here, I want to have an IMPACT.

Jim Rohn said “If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you become a fool. If you let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.”

I’m starting to take action. For those that follow my blog, keep your eyes and ears opened because I am creating a CEU that will encompass our profession, but I believe that it will transcend our profession.

I am not doing this for the money. I am sick of hearing the negatives of our profession. I chose to look at these negatives systematically to try to determine how I can help. I think I know how to create waves and make an IMPACT.

see you soon…hopefully in a class near you.

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