Physical therapist losing leverage over time

The cost of entry is increasing. The total number of PTs graduating schools have increased dramatically. We are already at the breaking point in which the profession is saturated.

As a profession, we need to go straight to the public and educate potential patients to the benefits of PT, AND at the same time we have to stop treating 2-3 patients at a time like an assembly line. If patients can’t see our value and get shot service, then increasing the number of patients that we are seeing will only bring a quicker demise of the profession.

1. We have to offer a good product

2. We need to educate our patients that they can always return for any complaints/concern they experience

3. We can ask our patients to recommend us to friends and family.

Just doing these things will start to flip the pyramid and we will again go from being saturated to having a need for more PTs.

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