Problems with back pain

Too often people experiencing back pain become a number instead of a person.

It becomes about checking boxes and jumping through hoops laid out within the broken medical system.

I tell many of the people I come in contact with: “give me 2-3 weeks to see if we can help you”

That’s it…two to three weeks.

I hear about patients having seen multiple doctors, pain specialists, acupuncturist and having gone through 4 months (yes 4 months!) of PT only to be lighter in the wallet without any more answers or relief than prior to all of the medical treatments.

I average 7 visits for patients with back pain. Mind you, 7 visits may be spread out over months because patients get homework.

If a patient is doing the homework and not responding, then why come to therapy 3x per week for more of the same that didn’t work in the first place!? 🤷‍♂️

I understand that people want relief and many of them are willing to spend thousands on relief and hope that the professionals are right when they say “it just takes time”, but how much of your life are you willing to wait through in order to get relief?

Waiting for relief is not the only answer.

There is a bell curve for all professions, I’m sure yours also.

Not all professionals are rockstars at their job.

Don’t get me wrong, you can like their personality, the professional can be “nice” or a “good person”, but is that what you want to pay for?

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