Courage to act

Image: Kaufman SF. The Martial artist’s Book of Five Rings: The Definitive Interpretation of Miyamoto Musashi’s Classic Book of Strategy

This holds true in many forms.

I will continue to relate these quotes to those passions that I have such as Physical Therapy.

In the field of physical therapy, it is not uncommon to be asked/told to perform unethical and illegal acts.

As an employee, one has a decision to make:

1. Do said unethical/illegal activity, make my boss happy and possibly lose my professional license

2. Don’t do said unethical activity, go against the corporate line to protect my license and run the risk of losing my job.

You can see how this plays out in a day to day world if you work in healthcare.

I’ve met many that don’t understand the rules of the insurance that they are billing and therefore have no issues doing the company’s bidding because…they don’t know any better.

Once they know better, then it becomes an ethical dilemma. The job keeps food on the table and a roof over the head. Does anyone really want to risk that?

Many don’t and unethical and illegal activities continue to happen.

Every once in a while, someone speaks up and decides that they won’t toe the line.

This decision takes a couple of forms.

1. The employee flat out says no and that he/she won’t compromise integrity

2. The person goes to a higher authority and informs them of what is actually happening in the clinic.

Here is an example of the second example.

If you are a patient, know that these decisions are being made behind closed doors.

As a PT, do you have the “courage” to “act”?

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