Reflections on “The Alchemist” Part XIII

“People need not fear the unknown if they are capable of achieving what they need and want.”

This is something that it took me time to figure out. I was afraid of making the jump back to private practice physical therapy because of the lifestyle that I had grown accustomed to living.

When making this jump, I wasn’t thinking about the sacrifices we would have to make, such as no vacations for awhile, making dinner at home instead of Chiptle, brewing our own coffee instead of going to Dublin (because Starbucks is too expensive even when doing well).

Essentially, what I had to decide is…is the sacrifice worth it? Do I think I’m too good that I can’t go back to living the same way I grew up in order to achieve a long term goal?

Have I gotten so used to living easy that I’m above making sacrifices?

The answer is no. I made a jump and failed. It’s okay. We still have the basics and a roof over our head.

This simply means that we lived to take another risk. I landed back on my feet, but have to work longer hours than previously.

My wife is the true hero of this story. She is the one that (wo)mans the fort while I’m off trying to save the world. Without her as the cornerstone, I wouldn’t be able to attempt any of the goals that I have succeeded and failed while attempting.

For all, take a risk, when you are ready and able. Don’t make the leap if you can’t afford to fail. Don’t stay in a failing business if the end result is a major impact on your or your family’s health.

As long as a failure is not a figurative death blow, nothing ventured nothing lost or gained.

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