Soft sell to patients

  1. “Your clients do not know what you know”


Man…this statement says a lot! We are highly educated (some more than others of course) and our patients come into the session with varying levels of education regarding either their health or the specific ailment. The part that irks me though is when the patient DOES know more than my students. We dedicate so much time to teaching our patients that I am frustrated if my patient now knows more than the student working with the patient.


Don’t be offended, but I am going to talk to you like an 8 year old, until you’ve earned the right for me to talk to you like a teenager. I will talk to you like a teenager until you’ve earned the right to be spoken to like a college student and so on and so forth. I have to ensure that you know what I am trying to teach you. If that means that I have to dumb it down a little at first…so be it. Senor Sosnowski once said that a smart person can always climb down the ladder of intelligence, but an ignorant person can’t just climb up the ladder. They have to put the work in order to get to a level of intelligence on this topic. I will be the first to say that I suck at a lot of things…physical therapy just isn’t one of them.


  1. “simply calls for a direct and simple correlation that is made between your intervention and the positive outcome achieved by your patient.”


I expect people to improve. With patients that I don’t expect to improve, I am over educating that patient on day one. This is few and far between though. I expect patients to improve and in the end, I will never act the hero, but more like the facilitator. When you understand that you are “in charge” of your symptoms, then I become your cheerleader. (I’ve worn heels, but won’t go so far as to wear the skirt…one day I’ll tell the story of the heels).




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